Welcome to EDUC 330 Tech Enhanced Learning

Course Description

Catalog Text: An introduction to computer-based and networked educational technologies, emphasizing instructional designs for their curriculum-based uses in teaching and learning.

Course Objectives:
Students will:
  1. learn how to access and use a variety of computer- and Web-based educational technology tools and resources.
  2. learn how to plan curriculum standards-based, technology enhanced learning activities for elementary or secondary students.
  3. further their understanding of and reflection upon the School of Education’s teaching competencies by developing a Web-based professional portfolio structure.
  4. participate in meaningful online communication within and outside of an electronic learning community.
  5. increase their awareness and comprehension of copyright and acceptable use issues and policies.
  6. prepare to use educational technologies independently and on an ongoing basis to support and enhance elementary or secondary instruction.
  7. document their work to satisfy the Virginia Technology Standards for Instructional Personnel (TSIP).

Subject Matter Topics:
  • Technology integration principles
  • Educational technology applications:

- Word processing
- Spreadsheets
- Databases
- Concept mapping software
- Presentation design software
- Digital image editing tools
- Digital video creation tools
- Electronic mail and asynchronous discussion tools
- Web logs and wikis
- Drawing tools
- Web site creation templates
- Curriculum-based software

§ Curriculum-based software evaluation
§ Web site evaluation
§ Copyright/Fair use laws
§ Acceptable use policies
§ Universal designs for learning/Assistive technologies
§ Electronic portfolio use for professional documentation and growth