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Vicki Davis teaches at Westwood Schools in Camilla, Georgia. She teaches Computer Science to tenth graders, Computer Fundamentals to ninth graders, and elective courses such as Accounting and Computer Graphic Design to juniors and seniors. She has also taught keyboarding to 5th and 8th graders.

Vicki and Wikis

Vicki has a wikicentric classroom. Her class wiki ( won "Wikispace of the Month" in her first month using the wiki. Her tenth grade project, the Flat Classroom Project, ( conducted in cooperation with Julie Lindsey at the International School in Dhaka, Bangladesh, recently won the International Edublog Award for best Wiki of 2006. This wiki project meets every new NETS standard as proposed by ISTE as well as many of the old standards (as shown in the video correlating the flat classroom project to ISTE standards.)

Uses of Wikis in the Classroom

Presentation Outline

  1. Why do we wiki?
  2. What is a wiki?
  3. Pedagogical uses of wikis in the classroom
  4. Time Permitting:
    • How does a wiki work
    • Wiki assessment
    • Common Administrator Questions

Notes on Presentation Format

You are the star! On specially marked slides you will be voting or asked to take the mike! Pay attention so that you can participate and learn!

Wiki in the Classroom Resources

K12 Online conference Wiki Presentation:

The 28 minute video about what wikis are, their use in the classroom and how they work.

Places where Vicki participates online: