Tentative Topic & Assignment Schedule:

Monday, January 29
Course Overview from Syllabus
Review of tools

Wednesday, January 31
Keeping Up With the Net Generation
Tapped In and Blogger Overview & set-up
1st Required Blog Entry- For your first blog entry, spend some time writing about your experiences and relationships with technology. When did you get your first computer? Are you geeky? Or reluctant? What kinds of use do you make of technology? How did your teachers use technology? This is the Tech Autobiography post.

Virtual Monday , February 5
Bookmark in delicious (if you can) and Read:Digital Native, Digital Immigrants by Marc Prensky. Be prepared to react to the article in class on Wednesday

Wednesday, February 7
Tapped In and Elluminate
Discuss Prensky

Virtual Monday, February 12
Chris Craft- PowerPoint and Presentations
Due: 2nd Required Blog Entry- visit the George Lucas Site http://www.edutopia.org/ and find an article/video of interest to you. View it, then write about it in your blog. Give a short description and then a reaction.

Wednesday, February 14
Blogs and blogging

Virtual Monday, February 19
Anne Davis
Due: Comment on a classmate's blog

Wednesday, February 21
Troubleshooting made easy

Virtual Monday, February 26
Vicki Davis- Wikis
Due: Are you blogging?

Wednesday, February 28
Basic Networking
Lesson Planning

Virtual Monday, March 5
Sheryl on Hardware/Software
Due: Lesson Plan (idea)- post this idea on your wiki.

Wednesday, March 7
Online Authoring
WebPage 101
Intro to E-Portfolio Project
Due: Tech Inventory (upload your completed inventory as a file to your wiki)

Virtual Monday, March 12
Spring Break

Wednesday, March 14
Spring Break

Monday, March 19- this meeting is NOT virtual
Meet with Karen Richardson in the Library Media Center (Ford Classroom)
Digital video and podcasting

Wednesday, March 21
Meet with Karen Richardson in the Library Media Center (Ford Classroom)
Digital video and podcasting

Virtual Monday, March 26
Aimee Smith

Wednesday, March 28
Design Project Discussion
Troubleshooting E-Portfolio

Virtual Monday, April 2
Mark Wagner- Gaming in Education

Wednesday, April 4
Design Project Discussion
Due: Lesson Plan (copy)

Virtual Monday, April 9
Vinnie Vrotny- Digital Projects

Wednesday, April 11
Inquiry Approach

Virtual Monday, April 16
Jeff Utech-

Wednesday, April 18

Virtual Monday, April 23
Leigh Blackall

Wednesday, April 25
Design Project Presentations
Due: Lesson Plan blog entry

Virtual Monday, April 30
Karen Janowski- Free Tech Toolkit for UDL

Wednesday, May 2
Design Project Presentations
Due: Tapped In Reflection in Blog

Virtual Monday, May 7
Design Project Presentations

Wednesday, May 9
No Class
Due: E-portfolio links posted to wiki
Due: Design Project linked to E-portfolios