Itinerary for Our Journey


January 29 Course Overview

January 31 Tapped In and Blogs

February 5 Getting Your Feet Wet

February 7 VoIP, Delicious, Prensky

February 12 Virtual Monday w/ Chris Craft

February 14 Blogs and RSS

February 19 Virtual Monday w/ Anne Davis

February 21 Troubleshooting and Review

February 26 Virtual Monday w/ Vicki Davis

February 28 Technology Operations

March 5 Virtual Monday Technology Operations cont...

March 7 Online Authoring

March 12 & 14 Spring Break

March 19 & 21 Karen Richardson

March 26 Virtual Monday w/ Aimee Smith

March 28 Online Authoring, Lesson Planning, Q&A

April 2 Virtual Monday w/ Mark Wagner

April 4 W&M Template for Portfolio

April 9 Virtual Monday w/ Vinnie Vrotny

April 11 Work through W&M Template (no f2f class)

April 16 Virtual Monday w/ Jeff Utech

April 18 WebQuests

April 23 Virtual Monday w/ Leigh Blackall

April 25 Web 3.0 and Second Life

April 30 Virtual Monday w/ Karen Janowski

May 2 Design Project Presentations

May 7 Design Project Presentations on Elluminate