Mid-Course Check

Dates in "Tenative Schedule" have changed....
Keep reviewing "Schedule" to get to past lesson info
Sign-up for time to present your design project on "Student Page"
Jennifer and Sharlene add your info to Student page
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Electronic Mentorship—Ongoing (25%)
Each student should contribute at least two posts per week (You are welcome to post more). You should also answer any questions that are posted to you. That means that your contributions should be made throughout the week and not all at one time. Try and log on to Tapped In at least 2-3 times per week so you can follow the discussions.

Technology Inventory (5%) ( Review wikis here)
Conduct a Technology Inventory of your placement school using the Technology Inventory Sheet to be provided on the wiki.
Need to have this uploaded to wiki no later than April 4.

Lesson Plan- (25%) For this assignment, you will use a lesson plan for one of your content area teachers since they are requiring that you use technology for one of their lessons. Please give me a copy of the lesson and in your blog, reflect on why you chose the technology you did and what experiences you had incorporating that technology in the lesson. This will probably be your longest, most reflective blog entry. What went well? What didn't go so well? What did you learn about using technology? Details will be posted in Blackboard and on class wiki.

Electronic Portfolios- (10%) Each student will develop and publish a Web site. (Electronic Portfolio) This site will link your instructional products from your past courses, this course, plus any other instructional resources you want to share. In this course, we will create the structure for that portfolio.

We will be using the templates provided by William and Mary or original pages you create using Dreamweaver to create three pages:
  • Homepage
  • Resume
  • Professional Competencies
    Online Authoring
    Review here
Professional Practice Blog (15%)
Reading the blogs you have added to Bloglines
You need 8 well thoughout posts building on the ideas of others
You need to be commenting on your classmates blogs and the blogs you are reading (linking back to your own).
I would try and post at least once a week about something you are passionate about related to education.

Design Project and Presentation (20%)
Create something content-related with any of the tools we've used in class: a multimedia presentation, digital video, website, wiki project or webquest. We'll be sharing these on the last day of class although final drafts will be accepted during finals. Because you will each be doing something different, grades will be based generally on the following criteria:
  • Appropriate use of technology
  • Curriculum aligned
  • Age appropriate
  • Creativity