Here is the Archive of Karen's Virtual Monday Elluminate session

Fair doesn't mean giving everyone the same;

fair means giving everyone what they need. -Rick Lavoie

Understanding Learning Style Differences

Animal School Video by

Mel Levine's Work - Misunderstood Minds (opportunity to simulate a learning style difference), All Kinds of Minds
First Person Accounts of the Challenges of Learning Differences

How do you present information when you teach?
  • Importance of Visuals
  • Auditory information is fleeting; visuals increase independence, are easy to use, can be individualized, are inexpensive
  • This is another session!

Guiding Principles:

  • Mistake Tolerant vs. Mistake Intolerant
  • Flexible vs. static
  • Use what you know, use what is readily available

Universal Design for Learning

Multiple methods of:
  • Representation
  • Engagement
  • Expression

Free Toolkit for UDL in our Classrooms

Free Interactive Online Activities for Students on the Autism Spectrum

Picture Symbols for Token Economy System
Resources -

My professional blog, I use this as my web page. -

A wiki resource that was created for Literacy and Learning students and for a presentation to Reading Specialists

- Another wiki created as a resouce page for several presentations that I have given recently. Microsoft Word features cheat sheets are listed at the bottom. Explore features in Word that you probably didn't know about and that enhance learning for your students.