Taking time to catch our breath is important. We have been flying though cyberspace creating and exploring. Today's lesson was to help you stop and reflect about all you are learning. It is normal to feel a bit overwhelmed when you find yourself in new territory. It is hard work connecting all the new information for your existing schema and trying to make it all fit in your current worldview and emerging educational philisophy.

Let's brainstorm together to get a sense of all that is emerging...Please add your 2 cents to the KWL chart below.
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That teaching hasn't changed much over the last 100 years
What changes are needed to help schools remain relevant?
That del.icio.us is an online bookmarking tool that uses social networking
What happened to "Learn?"
That Tapped In is an online education networking system
How do teachers learn about the mass of information at their fingertips?
Skype is an online program that can be used for telephone conversations, instant messaging, and video conferencing
How do we get teachers that are 100% Digital Immigrants to incorporate technology into their classrooms?
Tags are used on social networking sites to make searching for things easier
How do you incorporate activities such as blogging or using a wiki in school systems that have limited technological resources?
That it is the responsibility of today's teachers to prepare students for a world and a workforce that will depend heavily on the use of technology.
How do teachers manage their time while incorporating new technology?
That we are the first generation of teachers who know that we must prepare students for fields and occupations that do not even exist today.
What percent of teachers actually strive to meet the preferred and diverse learning styles of their students?
That people use blogs to establish networks, practice, and to share ideas.
A computer is a communication and collaborative tool.
A wiki is an online collaboration tool that can be updated by members.
Only one person can edit a wiki at a time. However, this is typically not a problem.
Technology should be used in the classroom as a learning tool and not a focus point (i.e. technology should become invisible).
Don't be threatened if your students know more about a certain aspect of technology than you do.
We will often learn things from our students.
Technology in the classroom enables teachers to cover a multitude of learning styles through its ability to access a vast array of media.
How to introduce technology to kindergarteners?

How do teachers compose lesson plans to incorporate all they need to cover?
Our students will be more comfortable with technology then we are.
Will technology change so fast that we can't fully prepare our students for the future?

Should technological resources replace textbooks?