Today Chris Craft will talk to us briefly about PowerPoint and Presentation Software. If he has time he will share a little about a collaborative project he is doing with his students and students in Peru.

What should you do?
1. Find a quiet place to log onto Elluminate on a computer with a mic
2. Log onto Elluminate (I emailed you the link) a little before 3:00 to check your connection and troubleshoot.
3. To talk you click the mic and then when you finish, release so the next person can talk.
4. If you have a question- click on the hand with the green arrow.

I'll review the tools when we meet online.

See you there!

Due: 2nd Required Blog Entry- visit the George Lucas Site and find an article/video of interest to you. View it, then write about it in your blog. Give a short description and then a reaction.