Electronic Mentorship—
1. Each student is expected to be an active member of the electronic learning community via Tapped In. You will be responsible for reading and posting each week. Questions will be posted each Monday. In addition to answering questions, you are expected to ask questions of your mentors or fellow mentees.

2. New threads and responses cannot exceed 200 words. More than 200 words frustrates other readers and they will be less likely to respond to your submission. I am not looking for responses such as, "That was a great comment Jason, good job." or "I agree." Responses should be academic in nature and add to the discussion. You should be referencing material discussed in the courses you are taking or relating to your student/cooperating teaching experience.

3. Each student should contribute at least two posts per week (You are welcome to post more). You should also answer any questions that are posted to you. That means that your contributions should be made throughout the week and not all at one time. Try and log on to Tapped In at least 2-3 times per week so you can follow the discussions.
The teachers who will be mentoring you are highly accomplished and will prove to be an enormous asset. Ask them questions. They have endless resources that they are willing to share. Pose your problems, issues, and share your celebrations with each other! As a community we will work hard to help each other. Past cohorts have said that keeping up with each other via Tapped In during student teaching was very helpful. Just remember you are not alone.