Final Projects Page

Design Project and Presentation (20%)

Create something content-related with any of the tools we've used in class: a multimedia presentation, digital video, website, wiki project or webquest. We'll be sharing these on the last day of class although final drafts will be accepted during finals. Because you will each be doing something different, grades will be based generally on the following criteria:
  • Appropriate use of technology
  • Curriculum aligned
  • Age appropriate
  • Creativity

Copyright Free Pictures

I posted some great image resources for my students to use. Many if not all
of them are Public Domain:

My favorite website is this
site is pretty good about letting people using their images for educational
purposes. Pics4Learning is also good:

Chris Clementi
Mountain Ridge Middle
Computer Teacher

Ideas and Resources to Help Inspire your Creations
  • Check out Chris Harbeck's student's wiki they are using to create projects related to the math content they are studying.